Campaigns and Stories

These games show the full arc of a story or campaign from start to finish.

A Start in Glorantha - RuneQuest Starter Set (2022)

This is the first season where we tackle our introduction to the system and world and play our version of the first two scenarios in the Starter Set.

Check out the full episode list here.

Esoteric Hearts - Monsterhearts 2e (2020)

Our Monsterhearts 2e actual play features David, Des, and Santiago as players and Rainy as the MC. We set our game in a Pacific Northwest town torn between many powers.

  1. Diversity of Species

  2. Snake Eyes and Goose Flesh

  3. Promises Promises

  4. Boys Will Be Monsters

  5. Return of the Queen

  6. Faces of the Totem

  7. Where Your Mom Works

  8. Race to the Totem

  9. Spamming the Abyss