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Gaming Gear


Roleplaying and Gaming Pods

General Nerd Pods

  • Red Web - Mysteries, conspiracies, and spookies from the folks at Achievement Hunter.

  • Ologies - Every episode has a new expert in a very specific field of study.

  • Science vs - Topical science questions answered in the modern infoPod style.

YouTube Channels

Gaming Channels

  • RENGU - Join Santiago playing video games in the Regular Everyday Normal Gamers Union.

  • Seth Skorkowsky - My favorite provider of GM-perspective RPG reviews and guides.

  • Kruggsmash - The reason I attempt to play Dwarf Fortress at least once every year.

Other Good Things

  • Drawfee - Honestly all of these videos make me happy but ESPECIALLY Drawtectives.

  • King Kogi - Martina is a Canadian living in Japan and she is delightful.

  • Tasting History with Max Miller - Yes. You do need a channel about cooking and eating historical foods because it does weirdly come in handy for games.

  • Juno Birch - No explanation necessary. Could go in the games section because The Sims features heavily.


  • HeyGMKenny - You love him. We love him. IT'S KENNY! He has RPG, tabletop/wargaming, and video game content on his channel.

  • SecretSleepoverSociety - Jacob and Julia (of Drawfee fame) play video games!


  • Coming Soon!