RuneQuest Starter Set

A Start in Glorantha

This is a crossover game with Just Barbarian Things and The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers in our take on the RuneQuest Starter Set available from Chaosium.

David, Des, Kenny, and Santiago are players. Rainy is the game master.

Episodes will be available on both podcast feeds but bonus content including bonus episodes, handouts, and maps will only be available to Patrons of the Esoteric Order of Roleplayers.

This game is currently in progress with new episode releases every other week. We will update this page as new episodes are released.

Session 0 - Character Creation

This session shows our character creation in RuneQuest (which is a very detailed process)! This session is not required to listen to the game but does provide good insight into how making custom characters looks in this game.

Esoteric Order of Roleplayer Patrons got access to Rainy's custom handout introducing new players to Glorantha.

Session 1 - The Greatest

The Pennel Three make their way back to Korsar's homeland of Sartar and find themselves in Starbrow's camp where her forces wait to face off with the Lunar army at Dangerford.

Esoteric Order of Roleplayer Patrons got access to a bonus episode featuring David and Rainy discussing the system and their experiences so far.

Session 2 - The Humbling River

Our heroes have caused a lot of mischief to upset the Lunars' plans, but they will find the Lunars have a Chaos all their own in store for them.

Esoteric Order of Roleplayer Patrons got access to a trailer for Session 3 and a themed document acting as a guide to some of the major deities of Glorantha.

Session 3 - Welcome to Jonstown

The great walled city of Jonstown is a jewel of hope for Sartarites still working to push the Lunars from their lands. Recently liberated, it is rife with opportunity...and the consequences of occupation and war.

Esoteric Order of Roleplayer Patrons got access to a bonus episode featuring Rainy's top five tips for growing as a RuneQuest GM.

Session 4 - Rough Landing

Our adventurers' big entrance has earned a meeting with the City Rex but that's not the only contact they'll make in Jonstown as they prepare to set out once more.

Esoteric Order of Roleplayer Patrons got access to a video showing tricks for setting up an engaging RuneQuest game in your favorite VTT.

Session 5 - It Watches

Our heroes travel to Mernyr's Landing and find it seemingly abandoned. Strange trenches run across the quiet landscape. And as they note the sour air of this place, they can't help but feel they are being watched.

Session 6 - Tongue, Spit, and Swallow

Mernyr's Landing has a Scorpion-Man problem! Fortunately, the exterminators have rolled into town. Our most rock-em, sock-em session yet!

Session 7 - After That Moon Man

It's Storm Season in Jonstown, and Korsar is running riot! But he's not the only one—who is setting all these fires? Could it be dissident Lunars? Serzene certainly thinks so...and she's starting to look askance at her Moon-drunk sister...

Session 8 - Grabbling the Moon

The newly-deputized adventurers gather clues and start connecting the dots leading to the identity of the mysterious arsonist vexing the sites and citizens of Jonstown. Meanwhile, Samastina has a secret to share...

Session 9 - Age Cult Location

A dream leads our adventurers to the latest victim of this mysterious entity. Their questions drive the party to split in two directions, but neither option seems safe in a city haunted by past deeds.

Session 10 - Jewel of Sartar

The first season of our RuneQuest campaign comes to a close as the adventurers help lay old spirits to rest and get ready to welcome new beings into the world. Thanks for coming along on the journey so far!